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It’s the pralines, stupid!

I was thrilled to finally see a review of Mashti Malone’s [“Emperor of Ice Cream,” The Fat Man, February 28]. They make the best single ice cream I’ve ever tasted in all of L.A.

I tried the rosewater ice cream and some other flavors, but some exotic foods are an acquired taste. But they have one flavor of ice cream that knocked my socks off, and that’s what would draw people there by the thousands. It’s their almond praline ice cream. It’s in the vein of Baskin Robbins’ Pralines ‘n Cream, but much better.

Baskin Robbins’ flavor is vanilla ice cream flavored with praline bits. However, Mashti Malone’s product is praline ice cream that has bits of almond in it. It is 100 times better than the Baskin Robbins product. If you didn’t try it, then you have to go back there and get some as soon as you can. And after you come back down from the clouds, you’ve got to tell all of L.A. about this treat. Only then will justice be done!

Al Fisicaro
Via e-mail Los Angeles New Times magazine March 27, 2002

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